Yoshi’s New Island Is 3DS Yoshi Title. E3 2013 Trailers, Videos, Screenshots. Hits In 2014. Giant Yoshi Egg

13 Jun

Yoshi's New Island 3DS Gameplay Screenshot Giant Egg Bat Boss

Giant Yoshi Egg!

Yoshi’s New Island is the upcoming 3DS all-new Yoshi game that is the next logical step sequel to Yoshi’s Island SNES, Yoshi’s Story N64 and Yoshi’s Island DS.

As in previous games it has a unique look to it, although this time with a polygonal Yoshi (which doesn’t look as nice if you ask me). The game looks to play exactly the same as previous games, with nothing really “new” (except a Giant Egg), but the game doesn’t hit until 2014 so there’s a long time to add new and unique stuff to the game.

This game looks fun, as all the Yoshi games are, but hopefully it’s better than the DS version and has some all-new elements or an all-new hook.


An Island Egg-venture Starring Yoshi
The third installment in this beloved franchise makes its way to the Nintendo 3DS system.

Key Yoshi’s New Island Features:

* Yoshi’s New Island keeps the series’ fun game-play mechanics such as Yoshi’s Flutter Jump, Ground Pound and Egg Throw while also offering new abilities. For example, use the giant-sized Mega Eggs to mow down obstacles, destroy pipes and blocks, and reveal hidden doors.
* Using the Nintendo 3DS system’s gyro sensor functionality and the new binocular ability, players can move the system around to uncover hidden areas as well as better aim Mega Egg throws.
* Throughout the game, different worlds feature a variety of art styles, including oil, watercolor and crayon.


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