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Pillow Scene Trains Planes And Automobiles (Funny Video of the Day)

Planes Trains Automobiles Wallpaper John Candy Steve Martin artwork“Those Aren’t Pillows!” Ah, the hilarious Trains, Planes & Automobiles Pillow Scene!

This is one of the most classic, iconic, hilarious scenes from an absolutely golden 1987 comedy film. If you haven’t seen Trains, Planes & Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy, you owe it to yourself to check the movie out. You won’t regret it!


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Young Teen Girls And Boys React To Slender Man Scary Horror Game (Slender: The Eight Pages)

Cute Young Teen Girl Reacts to Slender Man Horror Game

A cute young teen girl reacting to the Slender Man horror game.

Young teenage kids react to a scary horror game Slender Man: The Eight Pages in this funny video that’s part of the long-running “Kids/Teens/Elders React” series of youtube videos.

I was not familiar with this series until I stumbled across this video. It’s pretty funny and an interesting concept, one that I’ve always found interesting and dabbled in a bit myself with my ListenToMePlay Resident Evil Remake Guest Starring MyDad Podcast, in which I had my dad sit down and watch me play through part of Resident Evil Remake.

It’s always fun to see the kind of things they’ll say, especially older people who generally dislike videogames to begin with, without actually knowing a single thing about them. Obviously, it’s the reverse with kids and young teenagers, who are very familiar with videogames. Yet because they are young, it’s fun to see them play or watch something they are unfamiliar with and how they react to older retro games/movies/shows, etc that were before their time.

I was also unfamiliar with the Slender Man meme, in which this game is based. Sadly, I ended up reading almost that entire wikipedia page on Internet memes…..


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Romney Fett and Frozen Carbonite Obama in Glenn Beck Star Wars Spoof

Romney Fett And Carbonite Obama Star Wars Glenn Beck Parody

Hahahaha. So. Awesome.

Carbonite Obama and Romney Fett? Glenn Beck Star Wars? AWESOME.

This ingenious idea is the brainchild of Glenn Beck, who revealed some new props for his ever-expanding and insanely awesome studio from which he runs his shows and works on The Blaze and Glenn Beck TV (GBTV).

You can infer whatever you want to infer from “what it means”, but ultimately it is simply Glenn Beck having fun like only he can. There is a reason he is so popular, one of which is that he is such a funny, passionate and charismatic individual. The ironic part is that people would be laughing their heads off if this were a late-night skit. But because the subject is Obama and the comedian is Beck, he’ll probably just be attacked for it. But that’s alright. Go Glenn Go!


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Funny Video of the Day – The Cutest Argument… You Are Not Four! I’m Four!

The Cutest Argument Boy & Girl Fight

You are not four! I’M FOUR! Gotta love the pointing.

Now for… The Cutest Argument.

Who is four and who ISN’T FOUR? What kid has the upper hand in this heated exchange of words? Is this indeed the cutest argument you’ve ever seen?


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Funny Video of the Day – Ugly Face By Edbassmaster. Funny Face Prank

Ugly Face by Edbassmaster

What would you do if you were talking to a guy who all of the sudden made this face and stuck with it?

This hilarious Ugly Face Edbassmaster video is absolutely genius. If you haven’t seen it before you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Essentially Edbassmaster, who is a literal master at making hilarious and awesome hit youtube videos, pretends that his face gets stuck in a hilarious position. And he leaves it like that for a bit and we get to watch the reactions of people to it. It’s absolutely awesome! Enjoy. :)

Check out our THE BIG THING TODAY feature page for more hilarious videos just like this one, updated every day with the best of youtube!


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