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Mii Mario Party. Er, Wii Party U Announced. Mii-Fused Minigame Focused Boardgame ala Mario Party. Play Classic Boardgames With 2-Players On One GamePad. Trailer Video, Screenshots (E3 2013 Nintendo Direct)

Mii Mario Party Action Er Wii U Party Gameplay Screenshot (WiiU)

Intense animal racing action right here!

Wii U Party for WiiU has been announced by Nintendo & developer NDCube as the next major Nintendo game to focus on controlling Mii’s in a casual party game environments. This time it is basically “Mii Mario Party”, as the game delivers a virtual boardgame that you can play with up to four friends, all of whom play as their Mii characters.

As they make their way around the game board, you will compete in a variety of Mario Party-style mini-games. It is the sequel to the Wii game “Wii Party”, and will feature a number of those same minigames in upgraded fashion.

However this game’s major hook is the ability to play classic tabletop family boardgames with two players using one WiiU GamePad. You put the GamePad on the table like a game board, and two players, one sitting on each end of the GamePad, can play as it if was a boardgame.

Wii Party U GamePad Boardgame Screenshot (WiiU)

Awesome and innovative.

This is a new concept and one that Nintendo prototyped and demo’d as a possible use for the WiiU Tablet Controller when the system was first unveiled. It’s nice to finally see it being implemented in a real videogame. This is another “quickie” by Nintendo, but the kind of game that appeals to everyone and will surely be a high system seller.

Official Synopsis

It’s Time to Party with WiiU
Enjoy board games and mini-games on the TV, play familiar tabletop games using the Wii U GamePad controller or transform your living room into a game show floor. No matter what kind of party you’re throwing, Wii Party U offers something for everyone.

Key Wii Party U Features:
* Everyone at the party competes with his or her own Mii characters in a medley of party games.
* Experience new ways to play with others using the WiiU GamePad. For example, in “Lost-and-Found Square,” imagine you are the person holding the GamePad and you are lost in a playground. Your goal is to describe your surroundings based on what you see on the GamePad in order to help the other players find your location.
* Post your impressions of game sessions to Miiverse. You can rate your performance by adding a one-to five-star ranking after the match is over.
* When you want to leave the TV behind, you can choose to play exclusively on the WiiU GamePad with an array of 15 tabletop games, ranging from foosball to baseball, for two-player competitive and cooperative play.
* In addition to the main games that everyone can play together, there are 80 minigames that can be played on your own. These include the Tabletop Minigame that can be played with the Wii U GamePad only.


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X WiiU E3 2013 Trailer. Nintendo Direct Video Reveals Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gameplay Footage. Titled Simply X. Badass Mechs Galore

X Mechs Wii U Gameplay Screenshot Exploration


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or “X” for WiiU was Nintendo’s E3 2013 Nintendo Direct bone to hardcore RPG players, offering an amazing looking title in development by Monolith Soft, the developers behind Xenosaga and Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii.

This sequel looks like it will be more of the awesome Action RPG gameplay that hardcore gamers loved with the original Wii game, and will feature massive worlds for players to explore, vast vistas and beautiful graphics. Only now, badass looking pilotable mechs are part of the action!

Xenosaga’s character designer Kunihiko Tanaka is working on this game. It also features Hiroyuki Sawano doing the X’s score, who’s composed many popular Japanese music for TV shows and anime.

This is definitely one to keep an eye on. No solid details yet, or even an official title. Although I’m kinda hoping they keep the game name as simply “X”!

X WiiU Gameplay Screenshot Boss

Epic boss battles in this JRPG.


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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD E3 2013 Trailer Videos. Developer Direct Interview, Screenshots. Improved Pictograph, Send Messages In Bottles To Other Players Online Via MiiVerse

Zelda Wind Waker HD WiiU Artwork And Screenshots of Toon Link

Looks sooo good!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is arguably the game I am most excited for this holiday. Hitting in October, it gives an HD sheen, and a slight update, to one of my favorite games of all time.

Two new features were revealed for The Wind Waker HD. First of all, making use of Miiverse, players can visually send messages to other online players in a super unique way via a new “Message In A Bottle” system called the “Tingle Bottle”. Literally, you write or draw a message, Link puts it in a bottle, and then throws it into the ocean. That Message In A Bottle will then wash up ashore on the islands as other players are playing the game, if they are connected online to MiiVerse. Once they pick up the bottle they can see the message, picture, artwork, hint, etc. that you left! You can even attach an in-game screenshot using the Pictograph and can finally share these shots online with other players via MiiVerse, even putting the photo in the bottle as part of your message!

Wind Waker HD Tingle Message In A Bottle Miiverse Screenshot (Tingle Bottle Item)

Send messages in a bottle with the new Tingle Bottle item!

This is an ingenious way to do MiiVerse! Instead of simply sharing messages on the MiiVerse “message board” or seeing the messages pop up on the overworld like speech bubbles, you actually get them delivered as a “Message In A Bottle”. Considering the seafaring adventure that is Wind Waker, this makes perfect sense and fits into the world like a glove! Very awesome!

Nintendo also revealed that they have upgraded the Tingle Tuner item. The original game used the Game Boy Advance GameCube Link cable and a second player could help out the first player by using the second screen on the GBA and controlling Tingle. This allowed them to sell items to Link, give Link the ability to float for a brief period of time, destroy enemies by dropping Tingle Bombs and purchasing items and healing potions for Link with Rupees. Tingle could also see a full map and reveal secrets otherwise inaccessible. Naturally, as one would expect, all of those features return in the new game but are now pulled off by using the WiiU GamePad instead. It sounds like new features or expanded features may have also been added. Exactly how different it has been changed though will have to wait until the game’s release.

Satoru Iwata also revealed that The Wind Waker HD has made a number of tweaks to the gameplay to make this the definitive Wind Waker experience. For example, players can now speed up time as they are sailing, allowing you to get across the ocean much quicker. The slow pace of the Ocean Sailing, especially early on in the game, was one of the chief complaints of Wind Waker (as well as the long drawn out fetch quest towards the end), and it seems like Nintendo is doing what it can to clean it up and making this section less of a chore. Good news!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the GameCube was one of my favorite games of all time. So I can’t wait to play this new prettied up version!

One of the Greatest Adventures of All Time Returns in HD

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker makes its glorious return on the WiiU console with gorgeous HD graphics and enhanced game features. In this timeless classic with a unique and colorful “toon-shaded” art style, players guide Link as he sets out on the massive Great Sea to find his kidnapped sister. Players will sail the seas in search of lost islands, fight fearsome enemies, take on mighty bosses and seek out the legendary Triforce.

Key Zelda: Wind Waker HD Features:

* The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD features 1080p visuals that will immerse players in the game like never before.
* With the WiiU GamePad controller, it’s easy to manage your inventory and view maps.
* Players will enjoy cruising the open sea with a new sail that gives them 50 percent more speed, bringing them to their next destination and action-packed adventure that much faster.
* Once players receive the “Tingle Bottle” item, they can connect with others by posting comments to Miiverse. Through this new feature, comments or screenshots posted on Miiverse will wash up on the shores of other players’ games. It’s like finding a message in a bottle.
* Players can also take and store more pictures with an improved Pictograph and then post them on Miiverse.
* If the television is already in use, this game can been played off-TV on the Wii U GamePad.

Zelda Wind Waker HD Wallpaper Ganondorf And Cast of Characters

Freakin’ awesome artwork!


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The Wonderful 101 E3 2013 WiiU Trailer Videos, Screenshots

The Wonderful 101 Superhero Powers Artwork WiiU

Such awesome art!

The Wonderful 101 release date is on September 15 2013 by Platinum Games exclusively for WiiU and it is one of the biggest WiiU titles yet.

The game is made by the same developers who brought you games like Viewtiful Joe, Okami, God Hand and Bayonetta, and looks mightily impressive and awesome.

It’s somewhat similar to Pikmin, but you control superheroes who, much like Captain Planet, combine their powers to summon new attacks and devastate foes. It makes heavy use of the WiiU GamePad and is a definite core game that hardcore gamers will love.

Wonderful 101 Gameplay Screenshot Pikmin WiiU

Pikmin with superheroes!

Official Synopsis

Strength in Numbers
As Wonder Red, leader of the Wonderful 100, you must unite your mob of heroes to morph into powerful transformations such as a fist, sword, glider or gun to battle aliens throughout Blossom City. It’s up to you and your team of superheroes to take on colossal robots and alien masterminds bent on obliterating everything in their path.

Wonderful 101 Hand Attack Screenshot WiiU

The superhero powers in action!

The Wonderful 101 Key Features:

* Unite your horde of heroes to morph into powerful weapons to crush the invaders or to synthesize into bridges, chains and other objects that help you make it through the world’s different environments.
* Clobber bad guys with deep and engaging combat. String together combos, dynamically switch between Unite Morphs, defend and evade alien attacks and rack up points to earn the best grades and rewards.
* Explore each stage to find helpless citizens and recruit them to join your army of heroes. The more heroes you gather, the more powerful your Unite transformations will become.
* Fight alongside friends in five-player local co-op multiplayer. Each player controls a Wonder One character and pummels enemies with a unique Unite transformation.
* At the in-game shop, you can spend the valuable O Parts you earn fighting aliens to upgrade or buy entirely new Unite Morphs.


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Pokemon XY E3 2013 Nintendo Direct Trailers, Videos. All New Fairy Type Revealed (3DS). Now Pet Your Pokemon

Pokemon XY Fairy Type Artwork

All-new Fairy type!

Pokemon XY is coming this October 12th worldwide exclusively for 3DS. Amidst all the craziness at E3 2013 surrounding PS4 and XboxOne, you can’t forget about the massiveness that is Pokemon.

New Pokemon games are coming soon, and this is the first Pokemon game to be rendered in polygonal 3D (with stereoscopic 3D graphics) and the first core game in the series to appear on the Nintendo 3DS.

I don’t really have much to say having not played a core Pokemon game since Pokemon Yellow, but fans definitely love the series and will certainly want to get their grubby hands on this latest version.

Pokemon XY New Creatures Artwork

All-new Pokemon creatures!

Many new features and updates have been added, among the most important including an all-new Fairy Type of Pokemon and the ability to pet your Pokemon much like in Nintendogs to further bond with them.

Here is some awesome Pokemon XY Wallpaper!

Pokemon XY Wallpaper Xerneas Yveltal Legendaries Artwork

Legendaries wallpaper!


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Sonic Lost World First Gameplay Trailer Videos, Screenshots. Share Gadgets Between Wii U, 3DS Versions. (E3 2013 Nintendo Direct)

Sonic Lost World Gameplay Screenshot WiiU

Sonic Lost World looks absolutely beautiful. WiiU-exclusive.

Sonic Lost World made it’s gameplay debut at E3 2013 and the Nintendo Direct presentation which revealed the first solid details on this upcoming Nintendo-exclusive platformer for WiiU & 3DS.

Sonic Lost World takes Sonic in a completely new direction, with a game world and platforming style that resembles Super Mario Galaxy. The game does not have as much of an emphasis on speed, but instead on slower-paced platforming, although there are some sections where you will speed forward through F-Zero like tunnels and fly through the sky.

Sonic Lost World Racing Gameplay WiiU Screenshot

The racing speedy sections of Sonic Lost World.

The courses look like a mix of Super Mario Galaxy, where you walk around planet-like objects, tunnels, up walls and the like, and the level design of something like F-Zero, definitely a great mix. Read the rest of this entry »


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Pikmin 3 E3 2013 Nintendo Direct Trailers, Videos. Offline Local Bingo Fruit Multiplayer Mode Revealed. No Online Multiplayer. Director’s Interview (WiiU)

Pikmin 3 Bingo Multiplayer Mode Gameplay Screenshot WiiU

Looks really fun.

Pikmin 3 is nearly upon us, but was still featured at E3 2013 in the Nintendo Direct presentation.

New to Pikmin 3 are a number of new multiplayer modes that really take the strategic depth and fun of Pikmin to new levels.

Pikmin 3 Pink Rock Pikmin Flowers Screenshot WiiU

Looks awesome!

You’ll have to compete with another player to try and kill all of their Pikmin or try and collect enough Fruit in a certain order in a unique Bingo style. Where the first player to find all the fruit in a certain order (based on his game board) wins. It sounds more boring than it looks, once you see it in action you’ll be a believer and see how awesome it is.

It looks like a heck of a lot of fun.

Sadly Pikmin 3 will NOT contain a co-op multiplayer mode, or online multiplayer. This is an extremely disappointing fact, but to be expected from Nintendo (sadly).

Pikmin 3’s release date is next month on August 4 2013.

Here is an Pikmin 3 Developer Direct Interview with Shigeru Miyamoto from E3 2013.

Pikmin 3 looks absolutely fantastic, and I can’t wait to buy the game as soon as I get a WiiU console.


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