Band of the Month/Songs of the Day

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Discover awesome new Christian music!

Every month I will select a new band from one of my favorites, and will highlight my favorite songs from throughout that band’s discography, with the goal of featuring a new song for each day in the month. This will be an ongoing feature throughout 2013, for as long as I can keep it up. All of the bands you see listed will be Christian artists, unless otherwise noted.



January 1st 2013: A Broken Upper Hand
January 2nd 2013: God Forsaken
January 3rd 2013: The Wind
January 4th 2013: Ribcage
January 5th 2013: Incision
January 6th 2013: I Have Seen Where It Grows
January 7th 2013: Beheaded
January 8th 2013: Desire the Pain
January 9th 2013: Annihilate the Corrupt
January 10th 2013: Dust & Smoke
January 11th 2013: I Am You
January 12th 2013: Deteriorate
January 13th 2013: We Don’t Care
January 14th 2013: Fiction Kingdom
January 15th 2013: Relentless Intolerance
January 16th 2013: Feel As Though You Could
January 17th 2013: Shallow Water
January 18th 2013: My Throat Is An Open Grave
January 19th 2013: I Play Dead
January 20th 2013: The Tide Began To Rise
January 21st 2013: Thorns
January 22nd 2013: My Heartstrings Come Undone
January 23rd 2013: Carry Me Down
January 24th 2013: Driving Nails
January 25th 2013: I Am A Stone
January 26th 2013: Blood In the Tears
January 27th 2013: Dead Flowers
January 28th 2013: LifeWar
January 29th 2013: Storm the Gates of Hell + Lead Us Home
January 30th 2013: The Flame That Guides Us Home + Not i
January 31st 2013: The Latest & the Last + Grand Finale

Additionally, before the concept of Band of the Month, I often would post a “Song of the Day”. I will continue to randomly post “Songs of the Day” even on a day that features a song from one of the current bands of the month. All of these songs will be individual songs from bands or artists that will never be featured, but songs that I still want to share. Although many Songs of the Day are Christian, that will not always be the case.

Past Song of the Day Posts


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