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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Encyclopedia Musuem Database. All Fish, Insects, Fossil, Art Descriptions As I Find Them

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Museum Shark And Fish

Awesome view of the shark tank in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS.

Welcome to the Animal Crossing: New Life All Fish, Insects, Fossils Database Encyclopedia featuring the descriptions of these items from the game, in all their scientific glory, as I find them in the game.

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf since May 30th or thereabouts, and I’ve uncovered a lot of the collectables in the game so far. As I do, I will write down the descriptions given from the Museum so you can educate yourself on animal life via videogames! I will also update this page with more information as I play through the game throughout the next year. Enjoy!


Butterfly Fish (As mayor, welcome to my pockets!) – I Caught It: 6/3/13
Butterfly Fish are considered very cute pets, popular because of their beautiful nature. They glide through the warm seas by flapping their yellow bodies as if they were butterflies. Their diets are surprisingly hardy, as they gobble coral and poisonous anemones using narrow mouths. Butterfly Fish couples have been known to live together for 10 years or more. Often they can be seen swimming around in pairs. You’ll likely never find a better underwater romance.
Season: Spring-Fall, Location: Sea

Squid (Yes, I did!) – I Caught It: 6/3/13
People assume squids have legs, but those are actually arms. There are 10 in all; two are used to grab prey. To swim, they twist their fins and expel water from inside their bodies to allow for fluid motion. The ink they shoot when threatened forms into the shape of a squid, acting as a sort of body double.

Bluegill (There’s a lot in this ville!) – I Caught It: 6/3/13
Bluegills have spikes on their dorsal fins to help protect them from enemies and harm. Their offspring actually have a fairly high survival rate when compared to other fish. The males chase away the females and take over protecting the eggs and babies in the nest. Although Bluegills are small, they are actually related quite closely to Black Bass.

Black Bass (I’ve got some class!) – I Caught It: 6/3/13
They get their names from their somewhat blackish bodies, though they have a green tint. They usually hide in weeds and wait until other fish approach before forcefully striking. Many people use lures to catch Black Bass because they are such strong fish. Black Bass have a fierce image, as the males will scare off other fish to protect the fry in the nest. They are related to Sea Bass, so they make for a tasty dinner, though their skin has a very strong odor.

Piranha – I Caught It: 6/1/13
– They have terrifyingly sharp teeth, which contributes to their ferocious reputation. Oddly enough, they are actually quite timid, though they are still very dangerous fish. If they can’t find food, they will resort to cannibalism or tear apart any animal they can grab hold of. Take care when catching them so they don’t end up biting your hand with their sharp teeth! Read the rest of this entry »


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What Game Developers Think of XboxOne

Xbox One System

Just the XboxOne system itself. All by its lonesome!

What do game developers think of the XboxOne? A few of them have made their comments and thoughts known. As they do, I will post them here and update this article.

* Stewart Gilray of “Just Add Water” (Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD, Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – New N Tasty, Gravity Rush (PSP), Upcoming Oddworld: Hand of Odd Online RTS)
— “Microsoft is attempting to be the one device in the living room, but at the same time as doing that you have to have a secondary device, like a TiVo, to HDMI into the Xbox One to be able to use the TV side of it, which to me defeats the entire purpose. It’s very confusing. The only real positive for always-on is the concept of instant booting. You come into your room and just say ‘on’, and on you go. But I can do it already on the PS3 and Xbox 360. You just press the button on the controllers. I personally don’t see what an always-on system will do for us, other than background downloading when you’re not around, which will be a massive plus. I wonder if bundling Kinect with it and the fact it’s always-on is going to put a lot of people off. They’re saying, even if the system is turned off or on stand-by, you come into your living room and say, ‘Xbox On’, so Kinect is going to be watching all the time. How many people will that put off? It’s not something that sits well with me, frankly.”

* Adrian Chmielarz formerly of People Can Fly (Bulletstorm, Gears of War: Judgment, Duty Calls: The Calm Before the Storm, Gears of War 2, Painkiller series)
— “I don’t want to talk to my TV, I don’t want to wave my hands in front of my TV, and I don’t want to Skype with a friend when I’m engaged in a game. That’s not to say that Kinect 2.0 is useless (I’m curious about that heartbeat thing, for one), but for now I don’t see it as anything too exciting. It’s very hard for me to stay objective here. For example, with all due respect to Mr. Spielberg, a Halo TV series is not the reason for me to buy a $400 (or whatever) box. I got way more excited when I saw Jonathan Blow on the PS4 stage. Not because of his game, but because of the message that Sony was sending this way. But look, I could go on forever about this or that feature and about this or that element of the ecosystem. At the end of the day I think the problem is not necessarily with the hardware or features, but with the unveil strategy itself. It’s fine to start with the non-gaming stuff, then please gamers at E3 2013, but I wish Microsoft was more clear and vocal about it and set the expectations right. Because we all wanted to see the future of gaming, and we got almost none of that, and what we got were weak pre-rendered movies that looked worse than some of the games I have on my PC right now, or a dog and fish AI. I have no reason to prefer any console over the other, hell, I want them both to succeed – more platforms for our games, yay! But, to be honest, I don’t think anyone from Sony lost any sleep.”

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Xbox One PS4 Specs Comparison Chart. FIGHT!

Xbox One vs PS4 Fanart

Note: PS4 system hasn’t been shown yet.

PS4 vs Xbox One specifications chart. Graphics vs horsepower, processor vs RAM, HDD space vs online offerings… How do the two titans compare to one another? Check this chart below to see how they match up with what we now so far.

CPU: 8 Core CPU custom built (Xbox One); Single-chip custom x86 AMD “Jaguar” processor, 8 cores (PS4)
Graphics Processor: D3D 11.1 chip with 32 MB embedded memory (Xbox One); 1.84 TFlops, AMD Radeon Graphics Core (PS4)
Memory (RAM): 8 GB DDR3 (Xbox One); 8 GB GDDR5 (PS4)
Memory (Storage): 500 GB HDD (Xbox One); Not yet announced (PS4)
Optical Drive: Blu-ray/DVD combo drive (Xbox One); Blu-Ray/DVD combo drive (PS4)
I/O: USB 3.0 (Xbox One); USB 3.0 (PS4)
Communication: Ethernet, three different 802.11n radios, WiFi Direct (Xbox One); Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (PS4)
A/V: HDMI input and output, 1080p and 4K support, Optical output (Xbox One); HDMI, Analog-AV, Optical output (PS4)
Controller: Xbox One controller with redesigned directional pad (Xbox One); Motion-sensing six-axis, clickable touch pad, share button (PS4)
Motion Control: Next-Gen Kinect camera w/250,000-pixel infrared depth sensor and 1080p camera (Xbox One); PS Eye dual lens 1280x800x2 camera (PS4)
Price: Not yet announced (Xbox One); Not yet announced (PS4)
Availability: Later this year (Xbox One); Holiday 2013 (PS4)

Via Joystiq

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Xbox 720 Revealed Live Blog

Xbox Revealed! Xbox 720 will finally be announced and here is the big news as it happens! Full articles will come following the liveblog!

Remember to follow me on Twitter: @watchusplaygame

* Don Mattrick is live on stage discussing the past of the Xbox!
Gametrailers going behind the scenes of the #xbox720 event. Live right now! BEYOND EXCITED! #xboxreveal
* Lots of talk of entertainment, cloud, voice, etc…. Also a video trailer that showed the likes of Bill Gates & Steven Spielberg… hmmm.
* Ultimate all in one home entertainment system… Makes TV more intelligent. One system for a new generation.
* xboxone…. new name.
* Instantly responds to you… Sleek… Controller looks the same. Cloud powered. All your entertainment all in one.
* Built to amaze on day one and will improve continuously in the decade ahead.
* Can turn on your TV and connect to all devices. Voice control, “xbox on”.
* Personal homescreen. no manual log-in or waiting on manual updates. It will remember what you last did. It will remember what music or movie you were using. Trending will connect you with your friends and the entire Xbox Live community. Games, TV, Music.
* What do you do when you turn on the TV… watch TV…. Xbox One will change the inputs it takes to go to TV. Take live TV… and make it integral to Xbox. “Instant Switching”. Switch between live TV, games, music, switch between all inputs instantly!
* New gestures that allow you to instantly switch to apps, games, music, etc. Multiple things at once a reality.
* Snap Mode for the Xbox.
* Run multiple programs side-by-side by snapping them together like tabs. Mixes voice control, gestures, etc. Kinect camera and voice is built in. Use your cellphone to control it using… Smartglass?
* Skype is built-in and you can do group video calls on your TV. Shows off Skype in Snap Mode where he can have multiple video files of people at the same time. “Xbox answer call”.
* Interactive TV where you get alerts from TV on your XboxOne.
* Introduces XboxOne guide. Now you can find, discover and watch TV in three powerful ways. Voice control, favorites and trending. You can see all local TV listings through Xbox and use voice to see what’s on. The XboxOne will be your ultimate TV channel tuner. No more memorizing channels or hunting for remote control.
* Xbox Favorites will keep up with all your TV shows that you like to watch via your TV… Trending shows you what everyone in the Xbox Live community is watching.
* Trending is for liveTV and video on demand.
* Smartglass, Controller, System, Xbox Live all updated. 8GB Ram, USB 3.0, Bluray Drive….
* 3 Operating Systems in one. Best Xbox OS made even better. Creators have no limits… Kernel of Windows… 3rd connects them all together. Kinect is in every box.
* Next-generation Kinect sensor… 1080p wider view capture of your view.
* Controller updates….
* XboxOne controller includes over 41 design updates. All kinds of input innovations… including smartglass!
* Tablet can instantly become a remote control. Your device will behave like it was born to work with XboxOne.
* New Xbox Live…
* Based on the same membership. More powerful, personal, intelligent. Powered by 500 severs (Xbox1) 1500 for modern. This year 300,000 servers for XboxOne. More than the entire world’s computing power in 1999.
* Native video editing and sharing tools. Takes on PS4 directly!
* FIFA, Madden, UFC, NBA games all coming to Xbox One. EA promises a new engine that will revolutionize the way you play sports games.
* Sports are as much about your head as feet or hands. 4x more calculations per second. Greater field of vision. Human-like intelligence thanks to new processing power. 10x more animation depth and detail. Games are now living worlds with 3D crowds, dynamic crowd sounds and daily stream of new content that changes the game everyday…
* “Ultimate Team Mode” in FIFA 14 will be exclusive to Xbox One.
* Forza Motorsport 5 shown running on Xbox One. That did not look like gameplay…
* Remedy… Max Payne or Alan Wake or something new?
* Quantum Break is new game from Remedy. “Time is the fire in which we burn” is the tagline… Real actors… Will there actually be real actors in the game?
* More titles in development now than ever in history. More than 15 exclusive games in the first year. 8 of which are brand new franchises!
* For the first time ever TV will be truly personalized on Xbox One. And TV will become social via Xbox Live.
* Live Action Halo TV show announced by 343 industries and Steven Spielberg! HOLY CRAP! Megaton!
* Game Changing sports announcement… NFL is coming to Xbox One…
* Xbox One will have exclusive NFL content using Smartglass, Kinect, bringing fantasy football to life. And bringing all new experiences to the console. Imagine your NFL team integrated into the actual live broadcast… You can see your fantasy league stats snapped to your Xbox One as the game is actually playing. You can experience football in a way that fans have never experienced before.
* Xbox One will be launched THIS YEAR worldwide.
* We’ll have to wait for E3 to find all of the games including many exclusives.
* Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC will launch first, exclusively on Xbox One.
* A dog will play a major role in the all-new characters, story, etc. in Call of Duty: Ghosts. I’ll post the trailer later, not gonna type all of this out. lol. Lots of new stuff for COD fans to look forward too though.
* Cuts, bruises, cuts will appear on your hands live as you play.
* Worldwide reveal gameplay running on Xbox One.
* Show is over. Somewhat underwhelming, but a lot of really exciting stuff was shown on the system itself. All we need are more games, which are promised at E3 2013 in 19 days!
* Always-on is not required. But for stuff that steams from the Internet you will need to be connected (obviously). Nothing to be surprised about there. Steam basically.
* Kingdom Hearts Timeline, May 24 2013… An all-new game? For what system? … Ad shown on GameTrailers.
* HD rumble built into the controller. It’s much quicker, 15% more precise than before.

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Xbox 720 Reveal WatchUsPlayGames Pre-Show Podcast

WatchUsPlayGames Xbox 720 Reveal Podcast Pre-Show

Join the conversation! Listen to our Xbox 720 pre-show podcast!

Welcome all to the WatchUsPlayGames Xbox Reveal Pre-Show Podcast!

In this introductory episode of the WatchUsPlayGames Podcast I am joined by my brother, RedWinged.Angel, as we discuss the Xbox 720 and Microsoft’s reveal event which happens in a couple hours from now! Will Killer Instinct 3, Perfect Dark Rebirth, Banjo Returns and Fable Online Xbox 720 be announced?

What will Microsoft be showing? How will they win fans back? Will they be able to deliver the knockout punch to Sony that makes gamers forget about the PlayStation 4? What games will be announced? What games SHOULD be announced? What will the system be called? What new feature should the Xbox 720 reveal to differentiate it from the PS4? Illumiroom? Something new like a camera on the controller? Will they corner the MMO market on console with the 720?

Join the discussion and tune in to hear our thoughts on the Xbox 720 and the Reveal Event happening TODAY!


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Will Be LiveTweeting Xbox 720 Reveal Event. Follow Twitter Handle watchusplaygame

I will be live-twitting as the Xbox 720 is announced, revealed and shown. With my thoughts and the big news as it happens with the hashtag “xboxreveal”. Please follow my Twitter handle “watchusplaygame” (No “s” at the end).

The Official WatchUsPlayGames Twitter (WatchUsPlayGame) will keep you up-to-date on all the happenings!

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Xbox 720 Killer Instinct 3, Perfect Dark Rebirth, Banjo-Kazooie Returns, Fable Online Would Be Gamers Dream Wishlist. These Games Should Lead the Charge

Killer Instinct 3 Xbox 720 Fanart

Killer Instinct 3 on Xbox 720? YES PLEASE!

The Xbox 720 should lead with Killer Instinct 3, Perfect Dark Rebirth, Banjo Returns and Fable Online as discussed in my Xbox 720 Reveal Event Pre-Show Podcast. In a couple short hours we will find out what the launch games of the Xbox 720 will be… and Microsoft desperately needs to lead with their Rare properties.

Don’t forget that Microsoft OWNS Rare. People are tired of Halo, and Halo 4 just came out. Gears of War is DONE. Buried. Finished. They just did Gears of War Judgement, and the magic is gone. Fable itself is not a system seller per se, unless it were online…

If Microsoft knows what’s good for them, they will open the Xbox 720 Reveal conference with an absolutely badass rebirth called “Killer Instinct 3” as their bonafide killer-app. That would capture the fighting market. An all-new Perfect Dark Rebirth that revives the property and pretends PDZero didn’t happen would cover the FPS market. Add Banjo Returns to the list, with a look and customizability that builds on Nuts & Bolts but inspired by LittleBigPlanet. And you have a KILLER line-up.

If Microsoft could do that, while also adding an online Fable to the mix (something that’s been talked about for a long time), and then corner the MMO market but announcing that Elder Scrolls Online will be exclusive to the Xbox 720, and announcing that World of Warcraft 2 (or whatever Blizzard’s follow-up will be) is “Only on Xbox 720″… THAT would be a knockout punch! Let’s hope Microsoft is listening! We’ll find out in a short hour from now! :D


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