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SNES EarthBound For $5,000? Sealed, Graded Ebay (Gold Rating) Copy Sells For Unbelievable Price of $4,700

EarthBound New Boxed Sealed Graded Ebay $5000

Oh how I wish I could own this…

Would you pay $5,000 for SNES EarthBound sealed (hardcopy released in 1995) and graded with a Gold Rating by the VGA (VideoGame Authority) organization ensuring the copy is in the best shape possible.

Here is my EarthBound Unboxing Video if you haven’t seen it.

Well someone did. They paid a total of $4,700 dollars for this super rare, graded, and sealed copy of one of Nintendo’s most iconic and cult-classic games of all time, 1995’s EarthBound for the Super NES.

I too want to get my hands on a great-conditioned copy of EarthBound, which regularly sells for over $100 due to the fact that Nintendo has never re-released it in the West (yet… EarthBound WiiU Virtual Console releases later this year 2013!)… The game also was never released in Europe in any official capacity.

Because of this, the game fetches a very high price. However it is not super rare, and it’s pretty easy to get a copy of the game if you are willing to pay a high amount for it. I actually bought the game for $15 at Blockbuster back in 1998. However it only came with the box and cartridge, no Player’s Guide Instruction Book (the reason I snagged it. That big box called to me and I assumed it had the instruction book. I also had heard good things about it), nearly causing me to take it back cause my young self was crushed that it didn’t include the Player’s Guide! Little did I know how rare it would become later on.

A couple years ago I paid $80 to buy the Instruction Book off of ebay… giving me the complete set. However the box was not in the best condition. I eventually sold the whole thing for like $30 to help pay bills recently. I was crushed. But I intend to buy the game again as soon as I’m able!

In the meantime, I’ll definitely purchase the WiiU Virtual Console version as soon as it’s finally re-released as well!

Btw, if you are willing to pay $5000 for EarthBound, another graded, sealed copy is up on eBay as we speak!


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