Luigi Rescuing Daisy From Waluigi? Nope. But More Luigi Action In New Super Luigi U E3 2013 Trailer Video

14 Jun

New Super Luigi U Mushroom Power Nabbit Gameplay Screenshot E3 2013 Trailer

Nabbit and Luigi powering up with Mushrooms.

I wish Luigi had to rescue Daisy from Waluigi in New Super Luigi U. This E3 2013 trailer for the New Super Mario Bros. U DLC, shows off players controlling Luigi through a number of the more difficult versions of levels from the core game.

While this is absolutely awesome and a welcome addition, as is the new playable character Nabbit, it is somewhat disappointing that they didn’t come up with a new story or at least a cool twist on the story.

Now that you are controlling Luigi, they could’ve made Waluigi star in a core Mario game for the first time, and finally developed Daisy into her own character. Sadly that isn’t the case. Maybe in a second piece of Downloadable Content?

Doubtful but I hope that Nintendo listens to the guy who suggested this idea in the youtube comments, as it’s a great idea and something Nintendo should explore in the future!


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