Game & Wario E3 2013 Video Trailer (WiiU). Mini-Games FTW

14 Jun

Game & Wario Minigame Screenshots (WiiU E3 2013)

Tons of new GamePad minigames to play.

Game & Wario releases soon, hitting this month on June 23rd 2013 exclusively for WiiU. It is the latest game in the WarioWare series, although the new title suggests the fact that the “microgames” concept has been expanded into longer-styled mini-games instead.

All of these mini-games make innovative use of the WiiU GamePad, but add a party-game, casual gamer style to it.

Some of the mini-games are really innovative, such as a Ninja platformer where the ninja jumps into the air from platform to platform, with the view from a third-person behind-the-back on the TV. Whereas the viewpoint on the GamePad is top-down. Because of this, you must look at the GamePad to tell which platforms are safe before you actually land on them. If you just watch the top screen, you can’t tell which platform is safe to stand on.

Other mini-games include Skiing with randomly generated tracks (with the controls being on the GamePad), a Where’s Waldo style game, a game that uses the GamePad as a scope to discover thieves before they can steal, and simple games of that nature.

There are over 16 of these mini-games to play, with over 200 rewards for you to unlock! To play these different minigames you’ll have to hold the Wii U in over eight different ways to play them. Just like you had to do with the Wii Remote in the last console game, WarioWare Smooth Moves for Wii from 2006.

This is a game that you’ll want to bust out when you have a lot of friends over. And will certainly be a big hit for Nintendo. It also further fills in the mini-game compilation threshold while also giving us another new entry in the WarioWare series; AND giving us new ways to use the GamePad in unique ways. Giving developers a better idea of the kinds of stuff you can do with it.


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