Batman: Arkham Origins Stage Demo E3 2013 Trailer Videos. Combat System And Gameplay Look Incredible. Crime Scene Investigations Added

18 Jun

Batman: Arkham Origins Crime Scene Investigation Gameplay Screenshot (E3 2013)

Crime Scene Investigations are new to Arkham Origins.

Batman: Arkham Origins was at E3 2013 from publisher Warner Bros. Interactive and new-to-the-franchise developer Warner Bros. Games Montreal, and marks another huge title from the WB.

This new developer was established only in 2010 and their first task was to take the reigns of the Batman series.

Because of this, many people are skeptical about Batman: Arkham Origins living up to the very high pedigree of former developer Rocksteady, whose “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and it’s sequel, “Batman: Arkham City”, were huge critically acclaimed and best-selling hits that put them on the map.

Official Batman: Arkham Origins E3 2013 Warner Bros. Press Conference Gameplay Walkthrough Video:

Rocksteady has moved on from the franchise however, putting it in the hands of these new guys.

Much to my surprise, Batman: Arkham Origins looks even BETTER than Batman: Arkham City! This game literally looks awesome.

Batman: Arkham Origins GameSpot E3 2013 Stage Demo:

Everything you loved from the first two titles has been elevated. The hits have more impact, the combat system looks improved, the game’s style has been taken up a notch, and the cutscenes are really cool.

Batman: Arkham Origins IGN Stage Demo (E3 2013):

New features have also been added. Obviously, as the name suggests, you play a young Bruce Wayne in this title, and the game is set in Gotham City proper!

The theme of the game is Christmas, which gives a unique juxtaposition to the dark, foreboding, evil to be found in the setting, villains, chaos and mayhem that is Gotham, and the universe of The Caped Crusader himself.

Batman Arkham Origins Gametrailers Stage Demo (E3 2013):

A major new weapon featured in Batman: Arkham Origins is the Remote Claw. This allows you to tether two objects and pull them together! Which means you can slam two foes into each other or into objects! You can also create a tightrope for you to walk across, allowing you to easily access new areas you can’t otherwise reach.

In-depth analysis:

New Crime Scenes have been added with an even greater emphasis on detective work than before. Now players will have to solve crimes and can view the crime (thanks to hologram technology) from many different angles searching for clues. They can even pause, rewind, and slow down to see the crime play out. And new Crime Scenes are strewn across the much larger world, that you’ll have to solve with the help of your BatComputer located in The BatCave.

To help get around the world quicker, players can make use of the Batplane, which allows you to teleport (done automatically). A very welcome new feature!

All in all, Warner Bros. should have another hit on their hands with this one. Even though the gameplay looks the same as before, it’s one of those cases of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”!

Batman: Arkham Origins release date is on October 25th 2013 Worldwide. It will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU and PC.

By the way, the 3DS/PS Vita version of the game is entitled “Batman: Arkham Origins – Blackgate”, here is gameplay footage from E3 2013.


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