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Tippi Real Life Wild Child Girl Pics. French White Girl Tippi Degre Grew Up In Africa Among Wild Animals. Riding Elephants and Ostriches, Sleeping With Lions, Hugging Bullfrogs. Wrote Book Called Tippi of Africa. Claims She Can Communicate With Animals

Tippi Africa Riding Ostrich

She’s riding a freakin’ ostrich! :O

Tippi of Africa. Ever seen a real life wild child little girl who rides elephants, sleeps with lions, plays with snakes, rides ostrich and hugs frogs? Meet Tippi Degre, a French white girl who grew up and was raised amongst the native black Africans and became part of their culture (at least, this is what I can assume from the webposting. I have not looked at the book yet).

She was born into a world that lives amongst wild animals as if they were domesticated. And as such, she learned how to play and interact with them on a level regular humans can never realize. The photos of her are stunning, and she claims that she can speak to animals and hear them, and that they understand her. It is known that animals have a language all their own, and the Bible says they will bow to Christ and know who He is. I find that a fascinating fact. Some quotes of her, a little girl in most of these pictures but now 23-years-old (you can see a few adult photos of her too), quotes her saying things like, “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends.”

Enjoy the photos and definitely check out her book. I definitely will.

Little Girl With Sleeping Lion Cub Tippi of Africa

Tippi’s sleeping with a lion cub!

Frog Hugging Little Girl Trippi Africa

Tippi Frog hugging! So cute!

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Political Photo of the Day – Obama Pie Kid (Happy Pi Day 2013!)

Obama Pie Kid (Happy Pi Day 2013)

Happy Pie Day 2013!

Obama pie kid! In celebration of Pi Day 2013!

Hahahaha. Gotta love this photo. It’s great to see playful pics of the President visiting with children, these pics always bring a smile to my face. :D

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We Remember 9/11 On Patriot Day 2012. Never Forget – September 11th 2012 Photos of the Day Alongside Quotes From Politicians and Celebrities With Artwork and Wallpaper

Beautiful 911 Two Tower Lights Wallpaper

The Twin Towers lighting up the night sky as we remember the victims of 9/11 and pray for America.

Today is 9/11/12. Never forget September 11th – WE REMEMBER. Tyranny, terrorism, Muslims willing to die to kill others. This is a reality and the world we live in today.

Together we must stand united and fight extremism wherever it stands. Fight for freedom, justice and Christian moral values. Honor life and fight for the oppressed. Fight for those women in Muslim nations who have no say, no free rights, no freedom of religion, of the press, of assembly, of speech… no rights to pursue happiness as THEY see fit.

Truth. Justice. And the American Way. That is who we are. THAT is what we stand for. Wherever the oppressed may be.

Remembering 911 President Obama September 11 2009

President Barack Obama remembering 9/11 in 2009.

Remembering 911 President Bush, Cheney and wife Lynn, Laura Bush and September 11 victim families from 2004

President Bush and Vice President Cheney remembering 9/11 in 2004 with victim families.

Remembering 9/11 from President Barack Obama today:
“Eleven times we have paused in remembrance and reflection, in unity and in purpose. This is never an easy day, but it is especially difficult for all of you, the families of nearly 3,000 innocents who lost their lives.

But no matter how many years pass, no matter how many times we come together on this hallowed ground, know this: That you will never be alone, your loved ones will never be forgotten. They will endure in the hearts of our nation because through their sacrifice they helped us make the America we are today, an America that has emerged even stronger.”

Living Memorial 911 Israel Memorial In Jerusalem for September 11 2001. Names of all victims and country of original listed.

… Israel is the only country that has a 9/11 Memorial with every victim’s name. Never forget our closest ally.

From Israel In L.A. Facebook Post:
On this solemn day, our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of the 9/11 attacks and their grieving families. As the Israeli architect of the 9/11 memorial in NYC said about his creation, we now have a place to remember and reflect as a community.

Photo: The “Living Memorial” in Jerusalem. The only 9/11 memorial outside of the US to include the names of all the victims and their country of origin.

Remembering 911 George W. Bush and Laura On 9-11-2012

Remember the fallen heroes.

Remembering 9/11 today from former President George W. Bush and Laura:
On this solemn anniversary, Laura and I hold the victims of September 11th in our thoughts and prayers.

911 Fallen Heroes Never Forget September 11 2012

An amazing photo from September 11th of our heroes.

Remembering 9/11 from Sarah Palin:
“We remember that eleven years ago today nearly three thousand of our fellow Americans were killed by evil men. Every year on the anniversary of 9-11, we read out the names of those who died and comfort their families, and at military recruiting centers throughout the country, young men and women choose this day to enlist to serve their fellow Americans and ensure that something like this never happens again. While some try to move on with their lives and let the tragedy of that day recede in their memories, our men and women in uniform remain ever vigilant for us.

Sarah Palin 911 Memorial Photograph From 2008

Sarah Palin visiting a 9/11 Memorial on September 11, 2008 as the Vice Presidential Candidate.

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Go Eat Chick-Fil A Today! Support Chickfil-A Appreciation Day And Support Christian Businesses! Photo Gallery (Photos of the Day)

ChickfilA Appreciation Day Military at South Carolina Charleston

American soldiers supporting Chick-Fil-A!

Chickfil-A Appreciation Day is TODAY! Please go out and buy some badass chicken to support Christian businesses and our rights to Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech!

Hundreds of thousands of people have been packing the chicken fast food places all day today, with lots of believing celebrities and politicians voicing their support!

This campaign was started by former Republican Presidential Candidate and Fox News host Mike Huckabee, alongside recent Republican Presidential Candidate and Mitt Romney challenger Rick Santorum. Other celebrities voicing their support include the likes of Christian rapper LeCrae and the entire 116 Clique, Evangelical leader Billy Graham and former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and her family.

Here is a Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day photos! #eatmorechicken #appreciation #chickfila #supportchristianbusiness

ChickfilA Appreciation Day Lines

Lines lines lines!

ChickfilA Appreciation Day Baytown Texas

Supporting Chick Fil A in Bayton Texas with huge crowds!

Car Line Chick Fil A Apprecation Day!

Long lines of cars trying to support Chick Fil A on Appreciation Day!

ChickfilA Appreciation Day Huge Crowd of People

Lots of people at Chickfil A for Appreciation Day!

People eating at ChickfilA Appreciation Day!

Lots of people eating more chicken on Chick Fil A Appreciation Day.

ChickfilA Appreciation Day North Carolina Wake Forest Pic


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Andy Rooney On Ex Presidents… Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagen, Bush Sr… Obama, Clinton, George W. Bush Together

Obama and Bush Together Official George W. Bush Portrait Unveiling (May 31 2012)

The current and former Presidents (Barack Obama and George W Bush) together.

In this very interesting piece, the late-great, Andy Rooney discusses ex-Presidents, including Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagen and George H.W. Bush, from the vantage point of the Clinton years and Rooney’s liberal viewpoint.

Herrrrrre’s Rooney!

Andy Rooney discusses how Americans remember their ex-Presidents, and how what we read, see and hear about them from media sources shapes our opinion of them. These days, we are actually very lucky, as we see much more of our Presidents than ever before. Every major speech foreign and domestic is readily available to view online, and is often covered in the news media both online, on TV, blogs, and in other sources.

Additionally, we have something that other generations could only dream of… the ability to interact with our Presidents or their official PR people on a daily basis, and see minute-details and news about them via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and through unique formats like youtube, live-video feeds and chats, virtual Google+ Town Halls, and the like.

Presidents Bush Sr, Nixon, Reagen, Carter, Ford Together In 1991

….. An amazing picture of former US Presidents in 1991, from left: Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, Ronald Reagen and Jimmy Carter.

As such, I would reckon that the modern American is much more in tune with what the American President, in this case President Barack Obama, is actually like, than people had in previous decades. And it is only thanks to the amazing advancements in technology that we have made in such a short period.

For example, I was able to quickly and easily watch former President George W. Bush and current President Barack Obama together at Bush’s official portrait unveiling, it was covered in the TV news, posted online at many publications, and was easily found via CSPAN. In the old days, it’d barely get a mention in the newspaper. And very few people would have seen the actual speech, much less in its entirety.

And that should leave us very thankful for the wide variety of information and resources that we have at our fingertips in this day and age.

Former US Presidents Together: Obama, W Bush, Clinton, Carter, HW Bush In 2008

….. An amazing photo of our current and past Presidents, from left: George HW Bush, President Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, taken in 2008

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Photo of the Day – Thunder In the Desert (Phoenix, AZ Rainstorm May 9, 2012)

Thunder In the Desert - Dark Stormclouds Phoenix, AZ May 9, 2012

Dark, foreboding rainclouds appeared over Phoenix today. Always cause for rejoicing!

Thunder in the desert! Phoenix Arizona got hit with a thunderstorm today (May 9, 2012), lightning, rain, wind, powerful gusts. The whole nine years!

The weather is a funny thing, isn’t it? The weather means different things to different people depending on where you live. In Phoenix, rain and wind are cause for celebration! Kids jump around and run in the rain like they’ve never seen water before, and even adults crowd around the open doors to bask in the glory that is water from the Heavens. Everyone is excited and happy!

That of course, is due to the normally hot weather. In many places that get too much rain, water and stormclouds are something to be upset about, and cause people to get depressed. But not so here in Phoenix! BRING ON THE THUNDER IN THE DESERT! :D

Phoenix Thunderstorm May 9, 2012 USA

…..Rain and dark stormclouds, powerful windgusts, and more over the mountains of Phoenix, AZ on May 9, 2012.

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