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Tippi Real Life Wild Child Girl Pics. French White Girl Tippi Degre Grew Up In Africa Among Wild Animals. Riding Elephants and Ostriches, Sleeping With Lions, Hugging Bullfrogs. Wrote Book Called Tippi of Africa. Claims She Can Communicate With Animals

Tippi Africa Riding Ostrich

She’s riding a freakin’ ostrich! :O

Tippi of Africa. Ever seen a real life wild child little girl who rides elephants, sleeps with lions, plays with snakes, rides ostrich and hugs frogs? Meet Tippi Degre, a French white girl who grew up and was raised amongst the native black Africans and became part of their culture (at least, this is what I can assume from the webposting. I have not looked at the book yet).

She was born into a world that lives amongst wild animals as if they were domesticated. And as such, she learned how to play and interact with them on a level regular humans can never realize. The photos of her are stunning, and she claims that she can speak to animals and hear them, and that they understand her. It is known that animals have a language all their own, and the Bible says they will bow to Christ and know who He is. I find that a fascinating fact. Some quotes of her, a little girl in most of these pictures but now 23-years-old (you can see a few adult photos of her too), quotes her saying things like, “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends.”

Enjoy the photos and definitely check out her book. I definitely will.

Little Girl With Sleeping Lion Cub Tippi of Africa

Tippi’s sleeping with a lion cub!

Frog Hugging Little Girl Trippi Africa

Tippi Frog hugging! So cute!

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Videogame Photo of the Day – Epic Big Daddy Little Sister Cosplay (Bioshock)

Epic Big Daddy Little Sister Cosplay Bioshock

Absolutely stunning!

Epic Big Daddy Little Sister cosplay from Bioshock! Is this stunning or what?!

Look at the detail in the Big Daddy costume, absolutely epic! And the Little Sister, who appears to be daddy’s little girl, is absolutely PERFECT. :D

It’s funny to see a dad and daughter team-up like this, perfect characters for a perfect situation. Glad someone had the sense to capture this on film, as this is an amazing cosplay piece!

Here’s another Big Daddy, Little Sister cosplay. The photo above is amazing though cause the Little Sister is actually a little girl, which is much harder to find.

And here is a trailer for the original Bioshock!


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