On Death, Life, Dying and God. When It Looks Like Death Has Won, Remember Its A Lie. Love Lasts Forever, For God Is Love (Sermon of the Day T.D. Jakes At Whitney Houston’s Funeral Video)

15 Jun

Death Defeated. Jesus Rises Wallpaper

Death. Defeated. Jesus. Rises.

The Bible says that love is stronger than Death. But in the midst, throes and turmoil of losing a loved one, never forget that Jesus Christ died on the Cross, and took the sting out of Death.

When your loved one passes away, it will look like Death has won. But that’s a lie. Death has not won. For Love lasts forever. Love is stronger than death because God. IS. LOVE.

T.D. Jakes speaks this message at Whitney Houston’s funeral. If you haven’t heard it, take time to listen to his message and allow it to sink in. In just over five minutes this powerful man of God delivers the most eloquent funeral speech I’ve ever heard. Heartfelt, funny, gracious, moving, profound, uplifting. Perfect.

Do not allow death to sow seeds of bitterness, resentment, or even regret. We all will have regrets, of time lost, love lost… and memories and moments never to be redeemed again… But that is a lie. We WILL meet again in Heaven, and that time will be redeemed 100 fold. Remember that the Bible says our lifetime spent here on earth, even if it is 100 years or more, is as a wisp of smoke compared to our eternal life in the hereafter and beyond.

In but an eyeblink from God, 1000 earthly years pass by. Within an early second, our loved ones will be reunited with those who loved Jesus Christ and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven to be rejoined once again. Death is a destination… and death is the beginning of life. NOT THE END. Thus the death of a loved one is something to be celebrated.

Prayer Request: As my uncle Tom passes from this life into the next, please keep him and the family in your prayers. Pray that this brings the family closer than ever before, and that God prepares my uncle’s soul to enter Heaven, and embraces him with open arms. Thank you.

Death Is Dead Wallpaper

Death. Is. Dead.

Celebrate their life, celebrate their memory, and celebrate the reality of the afterlife in the loving wings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and their creator, their Father God. For our lose is Heaven’s gain. And the gain they receive is beyond earthly measure or comprehension. We will join them soon enough, for life passes by in a blink. Make the best of it, and love people. For God is love, and nothing on this earth, not metal, stone or works of creativity, will pass with us. Nothing but our relationships, and those souls in which we have brought an eternal destiny.

Bible Reading With Coffee - Jesus Has Risen



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