Xbox One Games Are Plenty. 15 Exclusives Promised In First Year. 8 Are New Franchises (All-New IP)

25 May

Xbox One Box Console And Controller Logo

All-in-one Xbox One! HEY THAT RHYMES! :P

Xbox One Games (XboxOne as I like to call it) will be plenty, as Microsoft confirmed during their Xbox 720 Reveal Show that a whopping 15 Xbox One exclusive videogames are in development. Of those fifteen, eight are all-new franchises or all-new IP! Which is fantastic news for those of us who are not yet sold on the XboxOne.

Of course, the real question is whether or not any of these 8 new Xbox One games will be compelling software or of the Kinectimals/Kinect Star Wars mold. That is, games that will not satisfy the hardcore.

However Microsoft is banking big on the Xbox One, so while one or two games may be casual, I’d be surprised if the majority are not games that appeal to hardcore gamers.

– Thanks to Techland.Game for the image.

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